Max Wright

Shooter of photos. Designer of graphics. Drinker of beer.


I'm a 27-year-old raised in Los Angeles with a creative outlook but a professional demeanor. While maintaining passion for graphic design and cinema, I'm deeply seated in my conviction to own my own business.

With 10 years of graphic design experience (yes, I illegally downloaded photoshop in high school and taught myself how to design) I'm well versed in physical design skills, like painting and drawing for conceptual art, and Adobe's suite of design tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. These skills culminate in talents for web design, marketing, and branding, including an eye for typography, color palettes, and printing. In addition, 6 years of photography study and experience have helped develop a specialty in lifestyle and product photography with experience in production, lighting, styling, shot composition, and post production (touching up as well as intensive Photoshop work).

My real passion is print work in combination with the best beer that money can buy. But I’m really at my best when I’m eating burgers. Plural.

A lifetime of film watching and years of film study have helped develop a keen sense and awareness of film production, which is a fancy way of saying that in my spare time I review movies on my other website: The Blu Koi.



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