Mad Plus One

Mad Plus One was a startup aiming to contract with small businesses in the LA area, specifically cafes and restaurants, to design and code a website and app for them. As the logo and brand identity were already designed and set, my initial project was to design the website. The primary goals were for the site to be as simple as possible, to be different from the majority of websites, and to highlight the expertise of the coding team.

Unfortunately, the founder overestimated the capabilities of a small, unfunded startup and changed directions from a contracting, design/coding group to supporting a singular app, called Playfull. All of the original branding and website designs were scrapped before being implemented.

Blu Koi Brewing

Blu Koi Brewing is a fake company created as a basis with which to create a brand identity and advertising campaign in order to show my proficiency in both areas.

Unnamed Restaurant and Brewery

This is the evolution of the branding identity for an as-yet-unnamed restaurant and brewery. You can see the changes in the design and identity over time as more options are explored.