Web Design

Striking the balance between simple and functional while remaining pretty and informative is a beautiful thing. Its almost cathartic or maybe... sexual?

Mad Plus One

Designed in collaboration with a business startup intended to design and create apps for companies needing them. The intention was to have a website that was both intuitive and functional, with seamless navigation features to highlight the expertise of the coders. Mad Plus One changed directions when the website was near completion. The website was never implemented.

Photo Glob

This was originally meant to be a simple photo-based Tumblr theme. It featured dual navigation with pagination on the right side and item-based navigation with previews on the left.

Though it was meant for blogging content, the possibilities for its usage became immediately apparent. Simple alteration would make the preview features valuable for a wide array of different websites.

The Skyline Project

Originally a non-profit with the intention of starting a for-profit company, all the Skyline Project required was a simple and informative, two-page website.

Personal Project

One of my first, personal designs, this was a simple exploration of simplicity mixed with realism, combining realistic-looking lighting with basic graphics.